Training Tips and Strategies

Getting ready for a big game or competition requires a special attention to detail because the little things become the BIG things. The pressure is intense and mistakes are magnified.

If anyone has ever told you, "It's just another game/competition," please don't listen to them. It's NOT. Not all games and competitions are created equal and you should stop lying to yourself. It's a BIG game/competition. You want to perform your best, don't you?

You will have a leg up on 99% of the competition if you follow the simple C-P-A strategies below. I cannot guarantee that you'll win but I can assure you that it will put you in the best possible position for peak performance. GO!


  • CONCENTRATE not on the results; only what goes into the results. What can you personally do to ensure you have the best possible chance of achieving the result you want?
  • CONCENTRATE on what you can control. Anytime your mind starts to wander (about the competition, the result, the refs, etc.), ask yourself "Can I control this?" If the answer is NO, return your concentration to controllables.
  • CONCENTRATE on the progress you've made up to this point. How much better are you than you were one month before? One season before? One year before? Doing this will increase state confidence and a belief in your ability to get the job done.


  • PREPARE fully, totally, completely. What are all the things you can do PRIOR TO the game or competition that will give you the best chance for success? Take care of your body, mind, emotions, and technicalities (equipment, gear, etc.). Do EVERYTHING you possibly can to maximize your preparation.
  • PREPARE for adversity. Big games and competitions are never train rides - they're roller coasters. You're going to experience periods of adversity. Prepare a Power Phrase in advance for when it does (see below in "Attack")
  • PREPARE for the unexpected. In fact, expect the unexpected. It might be weather, bad calls, injuries, equipment problems, who knows? But if you prepare for it (don't spend a lot of time doing this but think of solutions if these things DO happen) the unexpected will become...the expected.


  • ATTACK the competition. The way you do this is by scripting out a Power Phrase that emphasizes ACTION. Something like "Play to Win," or "Charge," or "Bring it on" are all good examples. This phrase should serve as a reminder to play aggressively.
  • ATTACK without regrets. The worst mistake an athlete can make is trying to play conservatively and not make a mistake in the biggest moments. Leave it all out there and give everything you have. If you do this, you'll be able to accept any result.
  • ATTACK with poise. This means to conserve energy throughout the day. Don't expend any additional energy unless you absolutely have to! You want to have that extra reserve when you need it.