Barefoot Running

Starting with the book Born to Run, the barefoot running craze has swept the running scene. I get asked about my thoughts on it all the time so I recorded this short video on why I’m a fan of minimalist running and how I think it can help you.

Overuse Injuries in Endurance Athletes

Overuse injuries are extremely common in runners...and especially in endurance runners. In this Skype interview, you gain valuable insight from Dr. Nolan Mitchell on overuse injuries, why they occur and what you can do to ensure they don’t happen to you.

Elite Performance Analysis

Chris Goebel is an elite runner and the head cross country coach for Mora HS in Minnesota. Chris and I have been great friends for a while and in this video, I show you in slow motion playback why he’s such an efficient runner. Yes, I gave him serious flack for his shorts being too short 🙂

Resiliency and Responding to Adversity

Running is a metaphor for life. You’ll go through ups and downs and when things aren’t going the best is when you learn the most. This is when you character is tested and you need to rise above adversity. In this video I describe a specific strategy for you to make this happen.

The 5 Best Butt Exercises - EVER

Yes, I wrote in this book that a better butt leads to a better life. In the VIDEO VAULT, you will find the exercises that will most specifically strengthen the butt muscles that you need for running. However, if you are seeking exercises for shape and aesthetic appeal, this video will show you my 5 personal favorites for butt exercises. Enjoy!