Of the 5 M’s, Mentality is by far THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in your potential as a runner. It’s not how far you run, how often you run, how fast you run, what you eat, how much you stretch, how strong you are, what type of shoes you wear, how many races you’ve done, etc. All successful athletes know it’s your MENTALITY that matters most.

Now, these other things listed above are important and will have a direct impact on your running performance, but the reason Mentality is the most important is because it affects every aspect of training and racing.

In training, have you ever:

  • Not been motivated to run
  • Had a hard workout scheduled and not been able to go fast enough
  • Wondered what type of run to do because you don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • Let your mind wander and found that you ran too hard or not hard enough
  • Felt like you didn’t get anything out of the workout
  • Went out and “tested your fitness” right before a big race
  • Thought others seem to be mentally stronger than you

In racing, have you ever:

  • Talked negatively to yourself during a race
  • Not performed as well as you wanted to, even when everything seemed to be in place physically
  • Gotten nervous before the start
  • Struggled to focus during a race
  • Went out too fast during a race, only to crash and burn at the end
  • Continued to run the same times, even though you’re running consistently

All of these things can be directly attributed to your mentality. One of the biggest difference between experience and unexperienced runners is in the way they think. It has less to do with what’s going on inside the body and more to do with what is going on inside the brain.

Run M5 gives you the mental edge. The below audio downloads will help you get more out of your training and perform to your potential on race day (for a complete mental transformation, you may want to check out the full Mental Mastery for Runners program). In fact, the most glaring example of needing a shift in mentality is if you continue racing and you’re no longer getting faster. You should always be getting faster – there’s no reason why you can’t. But it starts with learning the secrets of how your mind affects your body and you’ll make it your secret weapon over the competition.


  • Total Confidence
    Total Confidence

    The one fundamental, key mental component for running success is confidence. You won’t set challenging running goals and perform to your highest potential on race day without confidence and belief in your abilities. This audio download details exactly what it takes to have confidence and the key strategies that successful athletes use to bolster their confidence…even in the face of adversity.

  • Motivation and Overtraining (from Mental Mastery for Runners program)
    Motivation and Overtraining (from Mental Mastery for Runners program)

    Motivation can be greatly enhanced by finding your own Motivational SPACE, which stands for Sociability, Progress, Accountability, Competition and Entertainment. Everybody favors one (or two) of these things more than the others, but finding them will greatly enhance your long-term motivation towards running. It’s also important to understand how motivation can be influenced by potential overtraining, both physically and psychologically.

  • Race Pacing to a PR (from Mental Mastery for Runners program)
    Race Pacing to a PR (from Mental Mastery for Runners program)

    Many people put in mile after mile, and hour after hour, and do not perform their best on race day because of a poor race pacing strategy. This bonus shares the necessary, key components to properly race pacing yourself to the PR you’ve always wanted.

  • Scott's Untold Story
    Scott's Untold Story

    I’m a 5-time Ironman finisher and 18-time marathoner, but that doesn’t mean my road has been easy. This podcast reveals some of my personal struggles and how I’ve overcome them to get me to where I am now. I never tell people it’s going to be easy…but I do tell them it’s going to be worth it 🙂

  • Quotes and Life Lessons
    Quotes and Life Lessons

    I’m a quote guy. I love a good quote and I think they can be inspiring, insightful and motivational. This audio download is some of my favorite quotes and the lessons I think we can learn from them…for running and for life.