Faster the Numbers

You’re not going to believe the spreadsheet below. Seriously.

Before you even click on the link below to check it out, I want you to do me a favor – write down the pace you currently run at (for whatever distance you’re comfortable with), then next to it please write down the pace you want to run at.

Now download the spreadsheet:


Now, you may look at this and think, “this is great information, Scott, but what the heck do I do with it?”

Three things:

1- Go back and look at the 50 Best Running Tips EVER book. There are loads of good strategies in there to improve stride rate and stride length.
2- Personally, I’d start by doing 20-second “cadence checks” to see what your current stride rate is. You can do this on a treadmill or outside, but count the number of times one of your feet (either your left or right) hits the ground. Then multiply this number by 3 and this is your stride rate. Refer back to the book for strategies on improving running form and performing strides.
3- I will be revealing an extremely low-cost option in a few days that you can take advantage of to improve these things. Once again, very simple. And very affordable.

But please spend a little time soaking up the simplicity of this spreadsheet. Improvements of 1-2 in cadence and/or 1-2″ in stride length will take many minutes off your total running times. Simply amazing…and very doable.

See you again soon,