Would you like to be fitter? Faster? Injury free?

Most people would. If this is you, welcome to the club. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to put in the time and feel like you’re getting nothing out of it. It can be incredibly frustrating. Maybe you’ve seen others who continue to get leaner…and fitter. Or those who seem to get faster every week. Or those who are always healthy and injury-free, no matter what.


In The Ultimate Running Webinar I’ll reveal the TRUTHS and MYTHS of what it really takes to run fitter and faster…once and for all. This program gives you information, but information means nothing without action and application. You’ll have the strategies for both, and after seeing it, you’ll never go back to running the way you used to.

Just imagine how much better you’ll FEEL when you’re running easily and effortlessly (yes, this can happen). And think of the ENERGY you’ll have when you’re not needlessly wasting it on the open road. All of your answers are in this webinar!

What is the Ultimate Running Webinar?

It is a low cost, high value *SPECIAL* running video I did for some of my closest running clients because I wanted them to discover, understand and apply the simple strategies to take their running to the next level. Simple as that. Feedback from the original webcast was INCREDIBLE.

Here’s a snapshot of what is included in The Ultimate Running Webinar:

  • Learn the ONLY 3 things that matter when it comes to running fitter and faster
  • Discover how proper speedwork can transform your running, and why almost everyone does this wrong
  • Lessen impact forces so you have more energy and stamina, with less aches and pains
  • Understand the best way to build strength through (and a great butt) quality hill work
  • Uncover the biggest mistakes poor runners make that cause them to get injured
  • Realize how you can see greater improvements in less time, with less effort

The power of The Ultimate Running Webinar is in the VISUALS and the step-by-step instruction. This video is all you need to succeed.

Here’s what a couple people had to say:

Amy Clark

I’ve seen incredible gains in my strength and speed!

Amy Clark, Marathoner and Ultra Marathoner
Brian Pelligrini

For the first time in my life that I actually feel like a runner instead of a gawky, plodding biker/swimmer who tries not to collapse on the run. As I think you are fond of saying Scott, I could have just kept training harder and harder with my poor technique and would not have seen this kind of improvement. It took improvement in technique, and practicing the right form to make it happen.

Brian Pelligrini, Triathlete

A few sample screen shots from The Ultimate Running Webinar

If you’re someone who likes to get things done NOW and you want to immediately take your running to the next level by refining your stride rate, stride length and running economy, please click the button below for instant access to this killer webinar. It’s 70 minutes of get-it-done, immediately usable running secrets that I’ve used for clients with a 98% PR rate.

(those numbers are not made up)

I’m not usually this strong in my language but most people will spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on new running shoes, doctors visits, chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, etc., as a reactive band-aid instead of dealing with a proactive solution ahead of time.

Seriously – this video will cost you one-fourth of a new pair of shoes and less than half of a race entry fee. These are the exact strategies my clients use to run faster, get fitter and remain injury free.

Please make the smart, long term decision for your running.

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Oh wait, there's more...


Complimentary Action Guide

  • The Ultimate Running Webinar Action Guide
    The Ultimate Running Webinar Action Guide

    This is a downloadable PDF of every image on The Ultimate Running Webinar. You can use it as a reference or to take notes during the video. It’s literally your “owner’s manual” for running fitter and faster.


Access to the Track Training Vault

The Track Training Vault is something I created last year for my private coaching clients. I periodically recorded key “take-home messages” from the workouts that I knew would benefit them the most, long-term. You get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS.

The videos are short and to the point. They cover:

  • #1. Understanding the Dynamic Warmup
  • #2. Stepback weeks and how to properly measure progress
  • #3. Why you HAVE TO separate hard and easy workouts
  • #4. Running analyses – knowing what YOU need to work on to improve
  • #5. How to immediately run :20 per mile faster
  • #6. Embracing the process of improvement
  • #7. Performance nutrition and promoting recovery

Proper training takes your running to another level. Improper training leaves you excessively fatigued and/or injured…and you don’t get any fitter. It’s a fine line. The Track Training Vault is like giving you 3 months of professional run coaching condensed into 7 valuable videos. WOW.


Run M5 Race Ready Formula

This video is NOT just for elites. It’s for runners of all levels who are looking to perform their best when it matters most – ON RACE DAY.

Here is what is covered:

  • Hit YOUR goal time on race day
  • Pass people in the later miles (rather than being passed)
  • Have a sound nutritional strategy to avoid the dreaded “wall” (or “bonk,” for that matter)
  • Create mental toughness that you can use to your advantage
  • Maximize your fitness and chances for a PR

There is nothing worse than putting in hour after hour of training, only to be less-than-satisfied crossing the finish line. Don’t let this be you!


Mental Mastery for Runners Audio

Ask any successful athlete what their greatest advantage is and they will tell you it is their MIND. You get access to 3 audio mp3’s in Mental Mastery for Runners, the premier audio program that allows runners to gain focus, find clarity, develop a strategy and truly master the power of the human mind (ONLINE access).

#1. My Untold Story

Not many people have heard this story. Long ago, cross country was the only sport I ever quit and when I decided to take a decided to take a shot at triathlon later in life, I was one small step away from quitting again. This audio is about what to do when life beats you down and you feel like you’re not good enough. More than anything, it’s about picking yourself up again and coming out stronger on the other side.

#2. The ULTIMATE Race Day Motivator

This is your high energy jolt of race day motivation, with the 3 simple principles to remember to keep your performance in perspective, put you in “the zone,” and allow you to race to your fullest potential. You’ll be super-charged at the start line.

#3. Expert Interview: Kim Madrid

Kim “The Spider” Madrid is a mother of two and a successful Ironman triathlete and marathoner (recently running 3:17 at Chicago). She shares her wisdom on keeping a life in “balance” with running, maintaining a positive attitude and how to best respond to adversity.

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Mary Sellke

He’s made me stronger mentally and bad-ass mean physically.

Mary Sellke, Boston Qualifier and Ironman Triathlete
Michelle Thoe

I don’t like using this phrase but I’m going to right now, Dude – that was AWESOME! You need to do that more often with more runners.

Michelle Thoe, Runner and Avid Dog Walker 🙂
Chris Goebel

Lots of times I thought 'no way in hell I can do that,' but you knew I could. Thanks for that!

Chris Goebel, Elite Runner

All videos and audio will play on an iPad or iPhone, and almost any other portable device. You’re convenient and mobile

These are the simplest, most comprehensive step-by-step videos on the market to run fitter and faster. Watch them and use them, and you WILL see results. And one more thing…


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re a person who only buys things that are warrantied or guaranteed, I will make you this promise: if you follow the basic steps I give you in these videos for 90 days and you’re NOT running fitter, faster and easier than you ever have before, I will give you a full refund (my lawyers tell me you need to document that you’ve followed the basic steps!). As with anything in life, you are the variable. I can give you the keys but you’re the one driving.


Whew, this is as good as it gets! You receive ALL of these videos + the bonuses + the instructional guide when you purchase The Ultimate Running Webinar. If you’re not convinced by now that this is one of the best investments you could ever make in your running, there’s not much more I can say or do 🙂

Cheers to you taking the next step. You’re ready! Please be sure to drop me a line after you’ve watched the webinar – I cannot wait to hear about your results.

To the best of smarter, faster, injury-free running,

– Scott


QUESTION: Scott, what the heck is a webinar?

ANSWER: It’s fancy new-age term that is the combination of a “seminar” playing over the “web.” Coaches and instructors use pictures, video or a powerpoint presentation to create a easy-to-learn atmosphere that participants can enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

QUESTION: I’m already running pretty well, do I really need The Ultimate Running Webinar?

ANSWER: That depends on you. Are you comfortable and content with running “pretty well?” If the answer is yes, then you don’t need this webinar. If the answer is no, then you definitely DO. And, of the hundreds of runners I’ve worked with, most of them drastically underestimate what they’re capable of. Don’t let this be you! Don’t settle for running “pretty well!”

QUESTION: Scott, why do I have to pay for this webinar?

ANSWER: I get it. There are free webinars everywhere, so it seems strange to pay for one. But have you noticed that most of them are fluff, with no useful information? Or maybe they’re just a pitch for another program? That’s not happening here. You get tangible, useful strategies that you can employ immediately (or at your own pace) to run fitter and faster.

I will also say this – private endurance coaching clients pay between $250-500/month to work with me, and it normally takes months to teach these key points effectively. You get them all in the palm of your hand, at a fraction of the cost.

QUESTION: How long do I have access to the videos? What if I can’t watch them right away?

ANSWER: No worries! You have access to all videos for LIFE. You’re not going to get an alert one day that you have to watch them or they’ll be taken away. Watch them at your leisure, but remember, the sooner you watch them, the sooner you’ll start seeing results!

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